Bigg Boss 11: Gauri Pradhan meets Hiten, slams Hina and Aakash

Bigg Boss 11: Gauri Pradhan meets Hiten, slams Hina and Aakash
Written by Abhishek Rana

Gauri Pradhan visited the Bigg Boss house to meet her husband, Hiten and had many things to say to the contestants of the house. When Gauri came into the house, Bigg Boss announced that everyone should freeze, so that Gauri had to talk to everyone while they were standing or sitting still. She went to her husband, and talked how much she loved him. She also told him that he was playing very well. She met Puneesh and thanked him for supporting Hiten and being friends with him for so long in the house. The person she wanted to meet the most was Arshi. She told her that everything that Arshi does to Hiten and their interactions are funny, entertaining and Gauri has no objection to them because they’re just for fun.

However, Gauri did have some stern words for both Hina and Aakash. To Hina, she told that her words. “Don’t be a follower, be a leader.” were for Hiten only and no one else. She also told her that her comments against Hiten, calling him spineless, were wrong and she should’ve been more respectable towards him.

But the worst shock was when she talked to Aakash, and told him that she was disappointed because of his behavior in the house and with Hiten. Previously, Aakash had spoken very disrespectfully to him, and Gauri didn’t like his words that were used for her Husband.

However, no one was able to speak back to Gauri, as she was told by Bigg Boss to go back out from the front door, without actively interacting with Hiten or anyone else. The buzz began as she was out of the house, and Hiten began to cry because he had wanted to hug her. Aakash was also seen holding him as he cried in the garden.


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