Bigg Boss 11 finale date and other details revealed

Bigg Boss 11 finale date and other details revealed

Bigg Boss season 11 is steadily building up to its finale, and as there are still 8 contestants in the house, so there will be other important tasks to come up soon, like the ticket to finale task, Money briefcase, and another chance for the characters to bring the money value back to 50 Lakhs. The finale will take place after 27 days, as there are still many people to be eliminated from the house. As reported, there will be a mid week elimination too, before the top three are decided. The recent nomination day saw all contestants except Hina Khan nominated to be eliminated because they were discussing whom to vote out this week.

Shilpa Shinde has some of the highest fan following outside house, and if everything goes on as planned, she could be the contestant to make top three. Same could be said about Hina Khan, who did lose some of her fan following because of her controversial comments against people outside the house, she still bolsters a lot of fans who have faith in her. She was also praised for not taking part in any kind of scheming and plotting with the other Gharwalas. Shilpa and Hina are the two most trending personalities from the show.

There are other strong contestants on the show, mainly Vikas and Arshi, who could be a threat for the top three. But, as this is Bigg Boss after all, it will be wise to not expect anything from the show until things begin happening. As it has been shown before, even the strongest contestants on the show are the ones who fail to get to the top three because another big twist is introduced that undoes everything. Still, each contestant has a large fan following and it’ll be interesting to see the reactions of the fandom when the show reaches its conclusion.



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