Bigg Boss 11: Family task cancelled because of decisiveness

Bigg Boss 11: Family task cancelled because of decisiveness
Written by Abhishek Rana

The arrival of the family members in the padosi house has created even more tensions among the contestants and the relatives. The family task was cancelled because no one could decide on a winner, and this is another instance of the relatives not being able to put aside their own biases and giving the win to another contestant. There had already been some discontent among the members during the “ignoring” task in the episode of previous night, when no one supported Aakash even though he had helped them in getting reactions. Aakash’s mother in particular was very upset about the task.

Now, it seems that sentiments did get the better of the relatives, as they could not decide who would win the task, and the Bigg Boss had to finally cancel the task because of their reluctance. There is no indication as to what this new turn in the evens will bring for the contestants, but it’s surely not going to be easy for the if they want to keep the peace of the house intact.

The decision to bring the contestants’ relatives in the house has been criticized by many people on social media, who think that it will affect the chances of the contestants in the game. There have also been controversies from the relatives. as Aakash’s mother told the truth about her family’s relationship with the music producer Vishal Dadlani and how he had refused to give work to Aakash when he came to India to build a career in the music industry. She also seemed to say that Vishal had obviously lied about their relationship in his tweets when Aakash made the claim in the start of the show.

There is no doubt that the cancellation of the task will affect the chances of the contestants to be able to becomes captain of the house.


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