Bigg Boss 11: Family members to judge the luxury budget task

Bigg Boss 11: Family members to judge the luxury budget task

The Gharwalas will be getting a surprise in the house, as their relatives are going to come to the neighboring house for the weekly Luxury task, and will be involved in judging the multiple activities that the contestants will have to take part in. In the first activity, the relatives will judge the food that is made by the contestants. In the clip that has been released by the show, everyone is seen to be very excited about the task, as they rush to make the food, while the relatives watches on from a television set that has been implanted in the neighboring house. Bandgi, and Hina Khan’s boyfriend are also included in the relatives, and they’re very excited to see their loved ones make food for them.

Bandgi also comments about Vikas, and how he is actually playing the task while everyone has forgotten it in place of emotion for their families. The Gharwalas are then seen submitting the food in the store room.

This is another interactive task that has been introduced in the show so that the audiences and the contestants remain engaged in the house, as more of the Gharwalas are eliminated every week. The task will be an important decider of who will be selected for the position of the Captain this week. Hina Khan was made the captain the previous week, and Vikas had been in disadvantage ever since Aakash threw his egg in the pool and disqualified him from the task. This means that he will put extra effort in the task and will surely try to win it, because if he becomes the captain again, he will be in a very good position to win a place at the finale. And it seems that he is already prepared to give a very good fight to the contestants.


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