Bigg Boss 11, Episode update, A new task challenge commences in an episode fraught with fights

Bigg Boss 11, Episode update, A new task challenge commences in an episode fraught with fights
Written by Abhishek Rana

In any season of Bigg Boss, there are  instances when the celebrity contestants usually know each other before coming to the house, so there’s not much surprise that Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta had a working relationship before becoming contestants, but they got estranged when Shilpa was fired from her show, and which caused a lot of controversy in the industry. Now, they’re still trying to find ways to fight each other, as was evident in the episode yesterday night, where Shilpa tried to provoke a Vikas into a confrontation, which lead him to blame her for trying to instigate a fight, and tell everyone that she was mentally unstable.

Another fight broke out between, Jyoti Kumari and Sapna Chaudhary, when Sapna accused Jyoti for misbehaving and things got wild, with two women taking jabs at each other.

On the padosi side, the members were unable to create a solid story to enter the house and were denied entry from Bigg Boss.

A new task began this week, where the garden in the house was turned into an Animal house, and the Gharwalas were given tasks to complete in time, in competition to the Padosis, but the twist was that the Gharwala’s didn’t know that Padosis hadn’t done the task and they had to compete with a hypothetical dead-line given by the padosis.

The first task was to transfer eels from one container to another in a time limit of minutes, and Zubair khan was successful in this. The next task was to wash and feed a donkey, and Akash, and other contestants were unable to complete it int the given time limit.

As the night set in, another fight between Shilpa and Vikas broke out, when Vikas found out that Shilpa has been telling others that she and Vikas were very good friends before everything happened, this caused Vikas to lose his mind and start verbally attacking Shilpa, who just listened and murmured a song.

Upcoming: the little snippet shown at the end was about the fight, but the also included something strange and mystical about Shivani Durga, who, through, hypnotism, seemingly put Shilpa to sleep to end the fight.

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