Bigg Boss 11 episode update: A new strange way to nominate Gharwalas

Bigg Boss 11 episode update: A new strange way to nominate Gharwalas

Bigg Boss finds out new way to have the nomination process in the house, in which the gharwalas have to go in a group of four, inside a shelter, and then decide who will remain inside and who will come out. In the end, anyone who remains outside will be nominated while the four members in the shelter will be safe. The rumbling of fights begin as the gharwalas want to save each other, with Hina saying she wants to keep herself safe, and doesn’t want to save any but herself. Slowly, Priyank and Sapna also go inside the shelter, but without any decision, are left outside.

Soon, the fights begin as everyone blames Hina for trying to trick everyone, and she says that she wants to play fairly.

Sapna then tries to flip the game, when she says that she’ll send Hina inside the shelter, but then tells that she’d already pledged Priyank that she’ll save him. Then, Shilpa and Sapna fight about the level of each other, and Sapna tells everyone to keep in their level or she’ll show what it means to be angry.

The contestants nominated for this week are Hina, Sapna, and Priyank. Bandgi saves Puneesh from getting nominated and Aakash uses his suraksha chakra to save himself.

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