Bigg Boss 11 Episode 29 : Priyank gets nominated for gossipping in the house

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 29 : Priyank gets nominated for gossipping in the house

There were no fights in the house today, and it was rather peaceful, beginning from Luv winning the Captaincy of the house, defeating Sapna and Bandgi. Next day, Priyank again gossips with the Gharwalas, about all the information about Vikas he got from outside. Hina then explains to him that he shouldn’t do stuff like this on the show, because the Bigg Boss is going to punish him and if everyone teases Vikas about the gossip, then he’s going to be angry on Vikas instead. Then Bigg Boss introduces a new way of nomination for the contestants.

The Gharwalas have to go into the confession room in pairs and one of them have to be nominated while the other one is saved, if the contestants can’t decide, then they both are going to be nominated.

Then, Bigg Boss scolds Priyank for sharing information with the contestants. He also tells him that he shouldn’t have broken the rule, when he was asked to not divulge the information about the nomination outside the confession before the announcement.

Hina then tells her friends about how Puneesh was begging her to save him and tells that she remembers everything and won’t let anyone forget.

UPCOMING: Shilpa and Vikas will again fight during the weekly task, which will create rifts in their relationship again.

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