Bigg Boss 11 Episode 15: Lucinda gets evicted from the house

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 15: Lucinda gets evicted from the house

The day started relatively calmly, but then Bigg Boss dropped a bombshell when he revealed that one contestant from the padosis is going to get evicted from the house because they failed in the task. After much plotting and planning the Gharwalas decide to cast their votes and Lucinda gets the most votes from people because she can’t communicate with anyone and is from a foreign country. After this, Luv gets angry with Arshi because she’d said that she’d save him but she voted for him to get evicted and he says that he won’t let her live in the house because she broke her promise.

The time then comes for the nomination process, and Bigg Boss gives the chance to Vikas, to nominate 7 people from the House.

Vikas eventually choose 7 contestants to be nominated but out of those 7 contestants  Hina, Puneesh, Akash and Sapna got nominated for the eviction. Hina got the highest vote to be nominated and was termed as “diplomatic”  and “strong” by other contestants.

Upcoming: Then Aakash went crazy and began abusing people, and was very disrespectful to everyone. He started blaming people for nominating him, and then took his shirt off and screaming like a maniac, calling himself the Bigg Boss.

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