Bigg Boss 11 Day 11: Hina Khan calls Vikas Gupta shameless as the two fight

Bigg Boss 11 Day 11: Hina Khan calls Vikas Gupta shameless as the two fight
Written by Abhishek Rana

It seems like there is never going to be peace in this season of Bigg Boss as everyone is still angrily fighting and backstabbing each other at every turn. The day begins with Bang Bang song, and everyone is very happy to listen it after being annoyed with it for so many days. Then the fights begin, as Hina and Shilpa fight each on the matter of food, and are viciously gossiping about each other later. Then the housemates are told to decide on two candidates they want them to stand for the presidency of the House, and then another rounds of fight begins as Arshi feels left out and snaps at Shilpa because she think that Arshi is only interested in make up and fashion.

Then Vikas and Hina fight and Hina tells Vikas that he doesn’t do anything in the house and just keeps crying and fighting people, and Vikas tells her to shut up and that she’s a hypocrite who only talks to people when she needs them.

Arshi begins to tease Hina by making irritating voices and annoying Hina. Hina then tells her friends that Vikas doesn’t have any friends, but he begins to shout at her. Shivani then intrudes and begins to shout at her, telling him to shut up.

There is a lot of scheming in the house as Punish and Arshi talk about Hina and Arshi tells him that Shilpa is alone because she keeps annoying everyone.

Vikas calls Shilpa “Psychotic” artist and praises her acting. The housemates choose Hina and Punish as the candidates for the captaincy, and Bigg Boss gives the Padosis the power to choose between them.

The Gharwalas choose Vikas and Reject Hina.

Vikas becomes the captain and beats Punish in the task and gets a lot of privileges as a captain. He fights again with Hina when she refuses to do what he’s asking her to do and the two have a fight in which Hina calls him a shameless person.


More fights to come! As Arshi and Sapna have a catfight and then Hina fights with Vikas.

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