Bigg Boss 11: Captaincy task cancelled due to Arshi and Shilpa’s fight

Bigg Boss 11: Captaincy task cancelled due to Arshi and Shilpa’s fight

In a shocking report coming from sources close to the Bigg Boss house, the weekly captaincy task has been cancelled due to Gharwalas behavior with each other. In the pre-cap to the new episode, Arshi and Shilpa were seen fighting because of the task, and it looks like the quarrel between them escalated to the point that Bigg Boss had to intervene and cancel the task. The reports do not suggest any physical involvement in the fight, and the reason is given to be “contestant behavior”, so there might be more than two Gharwalas who were fighting for the captaincy.

The report of the cancellation of the task does not include as to what is going to happen next, and if any other strict action will be taken against the Gharwalas for disregarding the rules and fighting each other.

There have been rumors that Salman is going to scold Arshi and Shilpa for starting a fight, then involving others in it so that the task had to be cancelled, but nothing has been confirmed. Its also doubtful that he has even shot the episode yet. But if the task was indeed interrupted because of the fight between Arshi and Shilpa, then there are surely going to be consequences for this. Arshi had won the captaincy task previous week, after having to make plans with Vikas to get others out of the way, but she seems to think that she should be the captain of the task again, which causes friction with Shilpa. Now even Shilpa wants to become the captain of the house, and since she hasn’t been one for two and a half months. Everyone kind of feels that she should become the captain, until Arshi begins to get angry with her, which begins their fight and will only escalate from their.

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