Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra to be eliminated from the show

Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra to be eliminated from the show
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bandgi Kalra is going to be eliminated from the show. Although it’s still a rumor, the sources are confident that Bandgi got the least number of votes than any contestants who were nominated. In the beginning of the show, Bandgi was not well known to the world, until a few weeks when she got involved with another contestant, Puneesh, and their relationship progressed very quickly, that she got better known to the audiences. Bandgi was mostly quite and uninteresting, until few weeks in which she was responsible for fights in the show, when she made fun of Sapna’s profession and fought with her during the weekly task.

Bandgi was also involved in a fight with Hina Khan this week, when Hina put chilli in her eyes during a task and she retaliated by cutting her hair.

Salman Khan berated her for the behaviour and she was also accused of goading Puneesh into getting in fights and doing wrong things in the house.

Bandgi’s elimination is not shocking because she was considered to be the least poplar among the contestants in the house now, and had done things that were not acceptable for the audiences.

It is yet to be seen if the sources are true, but if they are, then it will be interesting to see if her relationship with Puneesh still survives out of the house.

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