Bigg Boss 11: Arshi screams and fights with Priyank

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi screams and fights with Priyank
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bigg Boss again becomes a battlefield of fights and rebuttals, after, Arshi  becomes angry at the Gharwalas and Priyank for his comments on her sense of fashion and dressing. She begins screaming at him, telling him who he is to say what she is or isn’t going to wear, she tells that she has the right to wear any kind of clothes; wear and tear her clothes because he can’t decide what she’s going to do in the Bigg Boss house. Priyank says that he doesn’t tell anyone how to wear clothes, and he himself tries to make fun when it is convienent.

Hina and Vikas then present their case in the court, and Vikas decides to target Hina as the cause of the divorce.

Hina then begins to get hysterical, and gets into her drama queen mode as more accusations are lobbed at her. Arshi says that Hina always demeans her, telling everyone that she’s a low class woman. She also says that even in the beginning, Hina never supported Arshi, as she was with Zubair, and tried to instigate other people against her. Hina begins to defend herself, saying that Arshi used derogatory remarks about her and Zubair. They fight even more, until the bell rings and the session comes to an end.

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