Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani eliminated from the show, Vikas wins the task

Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani eliminated from the show, Vikas wins the task
Written by Abhishek Rana

Akash Dadlani has been eliminated from the show, as it has been reported through various sources, and Vikas won the task that was introduced by Arshi Khan, about who is the meanest contestant in the house. Arshi, who had been eliminated a few weeks back had come to announce the task and to take back one contestant, who will be thrown out of the house if he or she loses the task. There had been speculations that there will be an elimination during the task, but now it is almost confirmed that Akash failed in the task and had to exit the show.

He had become one of the most entertaining contestants on the show with his uninhibited energy and funny persona, but he had also been at the center of controversies due to his short temper. He was known to lose his mind when things didn’t go his way, talking aggressively to women in the show and using inappropriate language. Akash didn’t accumulate the kind of following others were able to, and his reputation really did get hurt because Salman also scolded him many times because of his misbehavior in the house.

He was a regular offender in the house, and had on multiple refused to adhere to the rules that were meant to be followed, like sleeping at times when it was not recommended, and when he was being punished, he’d rebel against Bigg Boss himself and other contestants.

Recently, his interactions with Shilpa Shinde had become a little more tense, as she was very disturbed by his touchy feely behavior toward her. Another shocking revealtion made by the show, and which had to be edited out, was that during the press conference, Shilpa accused him of sniffing her panties.

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