Bigg Boss 11: Aakash Dadlani’s mother says she has proof that Vishal Dadlani is a relative

Bigg Boss 11: Aakash Dadlani’s mother says she has proof that Vishal Dadlani is a relative

The controversies inside and outside the Bigg Boss house are not stopping, and as the relatives of the Gharwalas have come to live in the Padosis, there will be more friction in that house too, as they have to see the behavior of their loved ones and listen to the remarks of others. Now, Aakash Dadlani’s mother, has told the truth about how their family is related to the song producer Vishal Dadlani. In a video that was released by the people on twitter, she is seen confirming that Aakash was not telling a lie about his relation to Vishal, as Vishal is the son of her husband’s elder brother, hence they are very close relatives.

In the beginning of the show, Aakash had claimed to be related to Vishal, but the music producer had said that they were distantly related. Aakash’s mother is claiming that she has proof, in the form of photographs and albums that is enough to show their relation together.  Everyone on the social media has now started to debate as to if she is trying to defame the music producer or just stating the facts.

Her comments are surely going to make a controversy, as there’s little doubt that Vishal is going to retort with his own version of the truth. But if Aakash’s mother does indeed have the proof, then its little he can do in the matter. Everyone had fun of Aakash when he had revealed that he was related to Vishal, because no one believed him and thought that he was just delusional. His mother also revealed that Vishal had refused to help Aakash when he first came to India to make a career in the music industry. This will surely cause a lot of people to rethink Vishal’s comments in the beginning of the show, when Aakash first made the claim about their relationship.


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