Bigg Boss 11: Seven contestants, except Hina to be nominated, Aakash might get in trouble

Bigg Boss 11: Seven contestants, except Hina to be nominated, Aakash might get in trouble

Things are going to get even more hard for the contestants, as seven of the 8 contestants are going to be nominated for the week, because of their decision to pre-plan the nominations. Only Hina is going to be the one who is left safe at this weeks nomination. Bigg Boss has always been quite strict about the pre-planning of the nominations. Previously, almost everyone in the house was for planning whom they are going to nominate at the beginning of the week. All their plans are smashed to pieces because Bigg Boss sees everything, so trying to fool so many cameras is in itself quite ignorant.

The Bigg Boss house is emptying as more contestants are being eliminated, and we’re moving towards another week of fights and debates. Now, it seems that Aakash Dadlani is going to be in trouble for breaking the rules of the house, like sleeping whenever he wants and disregarding the request of the other housemates to behave properly. Aakash is going to be scolded by Bigg Boss and will possibly be punished for his actions. However, the biggest thing to happen will be that he will begin fighting with the Gharwalas again, and showing off his anger in the same manner that he has before.

When the announcement is made, he begins accusing Shilpa and other members of the house that they have broken rules too, so why is he the one who is always punished. Shilpa then tells him to shut up because he is the one who is always sleeping past the designated time and blaming others for his mistakes. Then, Vikas also says that Aakash this type of thing every time someone criticizes him for breaking rules. Aakash does the same thing here, and keeps smiling while telling everyone that he didn’t do anything wrong. He also refuses to sleep on the carpet, as he is told to, and begins eating food without permission.


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