Bigg Boss 11: Aakash accuses Shilpa and Vikas for planning fights in the house

Bigg Boss 11: Aakash accuses Shilpa and Vikas for planning fights in the house

Aakash has suddenly become angry with Shilpa and Vikas because he thinks that they both faked their relationship on Television for footage. He becomes mad at them and begins shouting that them for lying to them and how he is going to tell the truth to everyone on Saturday. In the video released by Bigg Boss’ twitter account, Aakash seems to have over reacted to the beginning of the friendship between Vikas and Shilpa, and is seen making strange stories and looking like he is having a panic attack. On several occasions, Aakash has overreacted like this for little things, but this behavior is quite shocking because he was such a good friend to Shilpa for weeks, and now that she has mended her relationship with Vikas, he’s angry and blaming the two for creating this fight story outside the show and then making it a big deal inside to steal footage from other people.

Hiten and Puneesh are seen sitting beside him and aren’t doing anything to calm them down, instead, they’re making it all the more confusing by telling that he is right and they maybe did plan all the stuff before they came to the Bigg Boss house.

It is yet to be seen if Aakash is going to calm down or not, but he seems to have shaken the house once again.

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