‘The Big Sick’ Movie Review: Kumail Nanjiani’s Unbelievably Real Life Story

‘The Big Sick’ Movie Review: Kumail Nanjiani’s Unbelievably Real Life Story
Written by Anchal Ahuja

The Big Sick is nice movie with a combination of some witty and poignant romantic comedy. This movie has stolen the show with outstanding stand-up comedy as an American subculture. Movie is directed by Michael Showalter and produced byJudd Apatow. The story line is truly inspired by the genuine story of Pakistani-American stand-up entertainer Kumail Nanjiani and his American wife Emily Gordon. Kumail and Emily shared their real time story and camp up so insipidly, Entertainingly yes, wonderfully unquestionably, yet insipidly.

In the first half the movie revolves around their relationship and it’s clearly shows that they are made for each other. But Nanjiani keeps his affair secret from his orthodox parents (Zenobia Shroff-Anupam Kher), who want their son to get married to a Muslim woman. The other side of story occurs when Emily get into medically emergency where she is slips into coma stage with a life-threatening disease. Nanjiani doesn’t give up his hope on her and keep vising at her hospital,despite the objections of her parents.

In the movie you will see the impact of society clash of two different cultures and racism are confronted with non-judgmental candour. The story line will really make you to care about the emotional highs and lows of characters going through during their battle.  It is heartwarming, compassionate and wholly human story. The Big Sick is highly recommended.

The Big Sick is also a success story for the silver screen and the ability behind it. A non-standard, eccentric story that played at Sundance is presently in film theatres and will soon be accessible to stream around the world. This is the sort of progressive plan of action the film industry should grasp if it needs to keep up huge group in the 21st century.

The summer is known for conveying huge activity and display films, however while The Big Sick is little scale in scope, it’s more than equipped for standing its own midst superheroes and robots regarding an impactful true story of life. Collaborated with Michael Showalter’s bearing, maker Judd Apatow, and a first-rate cast, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon have recounted their own particular story in an interesting, very captivating way that doesn’t feel valuable or sanitized, however rather is important and charming from beginning to end. Furthermore, you’ll giggle a lot.

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