Big Boss Tamil Week 3 : Oviya Survives Again While Harathi Goes Out, Bharani Bow Out Too

Big Boss Tamil Week 3 : Oviya Survives Again While Harathi Goes Out, Bharani Bow Out Too
Written by Aiman

Week 3 of Big Boss Tamil ended with legendary movie maker and overseer of the house Kamal Hassan interviewing Bharani who had decided to quit the house after other contestants turned on him and decided that he posed a threat to the female candidates in the house. In a dignified farewell exchange with Hassan, Bharani refused to talk ill of the contestants, and was full of positive energy. Bharani revealed how Julianna had turned on him even though he was the only one who supported her when she came under other contestants’ ire. When Gayathri alleged that she did not feel safe with Bharani in the house, Julianna expressed similar views and the contestants’ engaged in a sort of character assassination that has invited considerable backlash on social media, with even celebrities terming it unacceptable. Kamal Hassan expressed his disappointment at having to let go of Bharani even though he clearly enjoyed a lot of popular support.

In the people’s elimination, Oviya, Harathi Ganesh, Vaiyapuri and Juliana were in the danger zone last week. While most expected Julianna to stay, it was Harathi who was evicted in a dramatic final when Hassan asked both Harathi and Julianna to say their goodbyes to their fellow contestants. Hassan apparently wanted them to know what it would feel like to say goodbye. Gayathri Raghuram, Namitha, Raiza and Sneha were seen affected by the fact that Oviya just beat her third nomination for eviction, and it seems that the growing support for her will make it very difficult to send her out of the Big Boss’ house. Even so, it is expected that she will be in the firing line again on Monday.

Harathi, who was supposed to be the House Captain for this week, nominated Oviya for the position for the coming week. If Oviya wins, the contestants will not be able to nominate her for eviction which could put her out of the firing line long enough to gather enough votes.

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