Big Boss Tamil: Insides and out of big TV reality show

Big Boss Tamil: Insides and out of big TV reality show

The big TV reality show, big boss Tamil which is the format of big brother from Netherland lays the rules of staying in a house with other contestants called housemates. Alone and isolated from rest of the world, in a place, where every week eviction is done by the fellow mates and the highest nomination will face the public vote. Hosted by Kamal Haasan, the show has received a lot of fan following.

Kept under the CCTV, the contestants will be eyed on every activity. The contestants for the first season of big boss Tamil are actors Shree, comedian Vaiyapuri, actress Anuya, Bharani Raiza Wilson, Snehan, Harathi Ganesh, Gayathri Raghuram, Aarar, Ganja Karuppu. Juliana, Namitha, Ganesh Venkatram, Shakthi Vasu and Oviya, who has gained a lot of popularity after The eviction but due to public vote managed to stay in the house.

The contestants will leave each housemate behind with every eviction and come to the final week, the three housemates will be the top finalist and with the public votes, the winner will be decided. Coming with 100 episode show, the big boss Tamil has the well-furnished house in Chennai. With all kind of basic and modern amenities. But the twist is of having two bedrooms, kitchen, living area, store room and four washrooms. The house has garden, gym, pool, activity area in the house for the contestants to perform their daily tasks. And one big confession room made for nomination process and any conversation to be made with the big boss. The house has no-television, no-telephones, no-internet connections, no-clocks, and pen. In short no entertainment elements. Just the housemates and the big boss.

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