Big Boss Tamil episode 7 and weekend updates are here

Big Boss Tamil episode 7 and weekend updates are here
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Big Boss Tamil Episode 7 of the weekend began with the entry of Kamal Haasan and the casual conversation between the housemates which in turn cashed in on the opportunity and the unveiled the difficulties living in the house. On day seven all the housemates gathered around at the dining table and shared their thoughts on each other where Gathyathri, Ganja Karupu and Shakthi got a chance to talk openly about what they felt. On this Sunday Ulaganayagan made his appearance on the weekend Sunday show to announce the contestants who will eliminate from the show. However before making the announcement of elimination round he had an interesting conversation with the housemates. While having conversation Ganja Karupu and Shakthi used the chance to warn Bharani about the things what he had done in-house.

Kamal Haasan revealed the contestants who had voted out Anuya and Julia. Though Shree has already left the house so now the Anuya and Julia left who will be eliminated from the house. After this Anuya get eliminated from the house and had a small conversation with Kamal Haasan outside the house. Later she provided with a task to give captions to the contestants in the house which very interesting and entertaining task. The contestants were given a task of performing a song from Kamal Hasan’s film which was aired for the audience on Friday. In this task, Arav and Oviya were paired together to perform a song which was enjoyed by other contestants. At the end of the show, Kamal Haasan shared some insights of the song from his upcoming movie. Now just wait and watch the interesting episode when Snehan’s captaincy will end and the fight heats up more.

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