Bigg Boss Tamil Episode updates, eviction, voting and contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode updates, eviction, voting and contestants

Bigg boss Tamil, which is in news from the time Oviya has managed to become the most dutiful member of the house, also praised by the host, Kamal Hasan, who is the major reason for the hype of big boss Tamil. With each passing day, some or the other is planning, plotting and bitching about the members and who so ever manage to do it right. Stays in the house. Under the salience of CCTV cameras in the every corner of the house, the housemates yell and scream on the fellow mates and create a lot of drama.

The Same happened on episode 10, on 4th July 2017, where one of the members of the house, Shampoo, losses his will in staying in the house and asks the big boss to get him go. The whole incident happened like Kalpana, who even complained the big boss about Hariteja, asks everyone to clean the house and points out Hariteja. Later, everything was told to Archana and Kalpana by Hariteja, and they didn’t agree to all. Later, the other house mates, including, Mumait, Archana and Sameer sat in the garden area discussing the whole matter, when Mumait refused to clean the house while Kalpana and Hariteja were arguing over. After all this, Kalpana, Katti Karthika and Madhu Priya make an observation of the strategy prepared by the housemates. And later then, Mumit takes a nap in the afternoon on the couch and Dhanraj then makes the noise and wake her up while the other members laugh after watching the scene. Shampoo then took the charge to yell in front of the camera and asks the big boss to let him out. He was later called to the confession room where big boss took the stand of making him realize that it was his wish to come and stay in the house. But the conclusion came, shampoo left the house where Prince and Adarsh were asked to pack his belongings.

The other moment the new task was given to the housemates, where they were supposed to play the role of animals and hunters. And the animals roaming have to loose the animals locked in the cage without getting caught by the hunters. During the task, a lot of misbehavior was seen but everyone came to the conclusion of doing the task till it’s done.

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