Big Boss 11: Salman Khan gets angry with Arshi over captaincy task

Big Boss 11: Salman Khan gets angry with Arshi over captaincy task
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Bigg Boss 11 has churned out some drama-packed episodes as the makers of the popular reality show have added regular turns to entertain their fans. The team of Arshi Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Luv Tyagi won the luxury budget task by a good margin, but not selected as captain for the week. In the earlier episode, the Bigg Boss called Arshi to the nomination room and asked to consult her team members to choose the name of two contenders for captaincy. However, Arshi made it very clear that she didn’t want Shilpa Shinde as a captain. She also demanded captaincy for herself. On the other side, Shilpa also made it clear that she should compete for the captaincy task to become captain of the house.

Big boss house captain Arshi khan disappoints Salman on this week weekend ka war. Salman questioned Arshi, why she never wanted Shilpa to be the captain of the house. Salman told Arshi that she had a problem with Vikas and Shilpa becoming the captain as she don’t like them. Fans were eagerly waiting to see Arshi reaction when Salman Khan grill her. The actor also tells her how she was repeatedly telling Vikas Gupta not to let Shilpa Shinde become the captain for this week.

Previously, when Arshi become captain, Salman had told her that she got captaincy not on merit but on charity. So, now she said to Salman she want to become captain as she also did the task and won with her team. And this time she earned the right to be a captain. Arshi also admits when Salman said if she lets anyone else become captain, she wouldn’t  able to do what she wanted to do.

Now you also have to note here that the Big Boss host, Salman Khan was really angry while explaining things to Arshi.

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