Big Boss 11 : Hiten Tejwani slams Hina and Shilpa in latest interview

Big Boss 11 : Hiten Tejwani slams Hina and Shilpa in latest interview

Hiten has made quite a few revelations in the latest interview given to a variety of sources. According to him, Luv was undeserving of staying in the house compared to him. He also told that he thinks Shilpa and Hina are playing the dirtiest game in the house. He seemed to be more critical of Hina, who has also accumulated controversies from outside the house due to her comments against various celebrities. He was disappointed to have been evicted from the house so early as he thought that he was a strong contender for the top 4 by the finale.

The process of getting out of Big Boss’s house in Weekend War ‘episode was a bit different because the host Salman Khan asked the nominated contestants Hiten and Priyank to enter a secret room and wait there. The remaining contestants were Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan, Hina Khan, Akash Dudalani, Love Tyagi and Punish Sharma, to unanimously decide who should be out of the house.

The TV star said that being out of the house, came as the biggest surprise for him. “Compared to some people like Priyank and Love, I was worth living at home. I believe I was a threat to other participants. I feel that people were waiting to take out strong participants. We were in the 12th week and now the game will be dirty.” he said. Ht thinks that Vikas should win the show, while Arshi and Shilpa are going to be in the top three for the finale.

He says, If he gets a chance then he would like to go back to the show again but he will not go with the feeling of change in my mind. He says “I would know who was good behind me and who was bad I would say that I see real faces”.

Hiten Says “I believe the majority chose Priyank to live in the house. But Vikas, Arshi, and Punish voted in my favor. Surprisingly, Shilpa did not vote for me.

Moreover, in an interview, Hiten’s wife Gauri Pradhan says Shilpa and Vikas will remain in the house, till the end, after the eviction of Hiten. And she also says, if unfortunately Arshi and Hina met them anywhere, they don’t have any type of problem with them.

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