Bhetali Tu Punha Movie Review: A Marathi movie will make you love and laugh

Bhetali Tu Punha Movie Review: A Marathi movie will make you love and laugh

Bhetali Tu Punha movie has finally hit the screen in threaters to make you feel love and laugh. It is directed by Chandrakant Kanse and is being produced by Ganesh Ramdas Hajare. The stars for the movie was chosen wisely by th director. He chose Pooja Sawant and Vaibbhav Tatwawdi. And the best part of the movie is its scenes that captured by the camera with the help of Pradip Khanvilkar.

Every day, our destiny cross our path with different kinds of people in our constantly changing fast life. But not all of them stays in our but only some of the fortunate and special people do that, and only a few people walk with us till the end of our journey which includes, family, relatives, friends, some known person and that one person whom some calls their better half and some calls them their life.

The film Bhetali Tu Punha revolves around so many questions that a person who has someone in his/her should ask to their own selves. While watching the film you will definitely ask yourself that do you give enough time to your girlfriend/boyfriend to prove him or her self, Do you really even know the person with whom you are or you have decided to spend the rest of your life, do you really know the one whom you have kept searching throw out your life. Have you really thought about what would happen if that person whose name you have rubbed from your life come back to it!Now, this better half! We all keep searching for that one person throughout our lives, even the early stages of it. The vacant “Position” of that one person is tried to be filled by testing various people and checking if they really fit into it. Some people successfully pass this test while the others don’t!

The film will make you realise the importance of the one whom you have started searching in the early stage of your life. When you were alone and no one was there to hold your hand you must have tried and tested various people to check if they really fit into your life! But what have you done for the one who has successfully passed the test! The film Bhetali tu Punha is a must watch if you really want to ask yourself all these questions.

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