Beyond the clouds movie review: A heartbreaking story, with stellar performances

Beyond the clouds movie review: A heartbreaking story, with stellar performances

Beyond the Clouds, directed by Majid Majidi and starring Ishaan Khattar and Malavika Mohanan is a wrenching and emotionally honest story about the bond between a brother and sister. Ishaan Khatter makes an extraordinary impact in the movie, his emotional vulnerability and spirits surpassing even the veterans as he comes out as one of the most promising debuting actors in the Hindi film industry, Equally impressive is Malavika, who doesn’t have the meaty, dramatic scenes, but is just heartbreaking throughout the movie, as she shows her naturalism and grace, the power in her stunned silences that again surpasses acting, and become a strong, real presence.

Although the movie comes out as strained when it tried to make the story about a certain kind of message, than the brutal heartbeat of the connection, it still makes for a cinematic experience that can’t be missed.

That unfortunate life of Amir and Tara is sustained with some authentic cinematography, and Majidi’s knack for using the moments to enhance the feelings, that don’t look cheap or misused in the movie. However, that doesn’t mean that the movie isn’t emotionally manipulative, as the narrative twists that have been sprinkled throughout feel clunky and the story, towards the end, seems to be going into disastrous territory. But, that doesn’t happen, because the actors and director have made sure we connect to the characters, and its that magic, which makes Beyond the clouds an unforgettable experience.

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