Berlin Syndome Box Office Collection: Psychological Thriller Makes $300,000 In Two Months

Berlin Syndome Box Office Collection: Psychological Thriller Makes 0,000 In Two Months

The psycho thriller Berlin Syndrome, based on the eponymous novel by Melanie Joosten, is close to hitting the $300,000 mark in total earnings since its release on May 26,2017. The film, directed by the Australian filmmaker Cate Shortland, has made $157,957 in Australia where it is being distributed by E1. It has also done well in Russia, where it made $47,670 in its only week in theatres. The movie made $36,000 in South Korea and had a decent run in UAE and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the US numbers have not been good as they inch to $30,000 after a month of its release. The US release was handled by Vertical Entertainment and the movie screened in about two dozen theatres in the US, which included the AMC 34th Street in New York City and the Cinema Village. The movie also showed at the Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles, and was screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

The movie itself is a creepy and dark affair, with the intense cinematography getting through the claustrophobia that hits the protagonist Clare as she wades through the movie. Played by Theresa Palmer, the protagonist is an explorer from Australia who comes to Europe seeking a new beginning. She meets meets Andi, played by Max Riemelt, and the instant attraction between them turns into a night of passion. Next thing Clare knows, she is locked into the house with no sign of the guy she had just met. Clare thinks he locked her in by mistake, but it soon turns out that he has no plans of letting her out. The psychological drama that ensues brings both the characters to head, and the nuanced portrayal makes for a thrilling watch, although the plot and theme are for a niche audience.

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