Baywatch movie review: Priyanka Chopra makes her debut in Hollywood

Baywatch movie review: Priyanka Chopra makes her debut in Hollywood
Written by Ravleen Khera

Baywatch movie review is here, Priyanka Chopra is all set for her Hollywood debut, with Baywatch hitting cinema screens in USA tomorrow. As far as her Indian fans are concerned, they will have to wait a little longer to catch their star play the baddie on screen, as the film’s release date in India is 2nd June. Baywatch is directed by Seth Gordon and in addition to Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and Priyanka Chopra, the cast includes Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, Jon Bass and David Hasselhoff among others.

With the official release in USA still a day away, the film opened to media and critics screenings and we already have reviews coming in. While the film has not really managed to impress the critics with the reviews ranging from average to terrible. But one thing that the critics unanimously agree on, is the fact that Priyanka Chopra is the best part about the movie but is grossly underused. They believe our desi girl has great potential but needed a better script to perform to. Lets see what some of them had to say.

Forbes Magazine says, “”Chopra has fun as the baddie, but she stays in the background until the end of the movie and really only gets one big scene at the end of the picture. The showdown is the best moment in the film, one which cleverly plays on gender-specific action movie tropes while showing its female villain no gender-based charity. I wish more movies had female super villains and to its credit, Baywatch doesn’t treat it as a big deal.”

IGN says, “The only other highlight is Priyanka Chopra as nefarious entrepreneur Victoria Leeds, who outshines pretty much anyone she’s in a scene with. Chopra’s engaging and interesting and is the only character that speaks with any kind of distinctive cadence.”

Collider described Priyanka as commanding and who “owns the film every second she’s on screen.”

Meanwhile, in India the CBFC has cleared Baywatch with an ‘A’ certificate and has been recommended five cuts- one visual and four verbal.

So even if the film has not particularly managed to impress the critics in America, Priyanka Chopra fans back in India are waiting to watch her play the hot villain in her Hollywood debut.

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