Bandookya Movie Review: The Marathi film, Unearths the social problems

Bandookya Movie Review: The Marathi film, Unearths the social problems

The Marathi film, Bandookya, has finally come to the theatres today, September 1st, 2017 after much appreciation and awards collection at the film festivals recently. The film is directed by Rahul Manohar Chaudhari. The plot which is the social norm of the society is keenly played by Atisha Naik, Shashank Shinde, Nilesh Borse and Namdev Murkute, who will be taking you to the different life levels of the past in the film.

The story of the film, Bandookya, is something which talks about reality. The unearth reality. The film is the portrayal of backward minds who are firm with their thoughts and ideas. The language, power, acting, dialogues, situations, ideas are the few things, that will leave you awestruck in the film, because they are talking about the power to change the social life which is provoking by the people in the old time in the film. Few instances like dowry are the major highlight of the film which has some motive for the film watchers.

The film Bandookya is bank rolled by Rajendra Borse and Pratibha Borse and co-produced by Nilesh Rajendra Borse. The story of the film is written by writer-director, Rahul Manohar Chaudhari. While the music of the film is given by Parikshit Bhatkhande, with the lyrics of Guru Thakur and Namdev Murkute. The other important cast of the film is Amol Bagul, Tanmayee Chavanke, and Unnati Shikhare, who are surely taking the film to different levels of their acting skills.

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