Balloon movie review: Rip off of IT, mic dropped!!

Balloon movie review: Rip off of IT, mic dropped!!

Balloon is a Tamil horror movie starring Jai, Anjali in the lead roles. Makers of this film are ignorant enough to Rip off one of the most successful horror film of all time literally months after it’s release and the adaptation is uncanny. Certain big Hollywood films like avengers are dubbed in Bhojpuri and they sound incredibly pathetic, Balloon looks more pathetic than the sound of them Bhojpuri dubs. They literally stole the concept by it’s guts when they tried to scare Tamil audience with a balloon and they also had the audacity to show a downgraded version of clown from IT.

It gets better, this is a rip off of 2 films, IT and Aval. Aval is a much appreciated multi-lingual horror film released couple of months ago in which a bunch of ghosts have sinned a house on the mountains. Makers of Balloon ripped the entire house concept  from Aval and put a clown with a balloon in it. Usually people wait a while before they steal other people’s work of art but cast and crew of Balloon is blessed with god speed and only almighty could fathom how fast can someone rip off and actually make their own film from it.

Any critic would let a virus destroy their system before they even think of describing the plot and narrative of this film. It is so bad that it is an instant cult classic of the films lying in the dump and rightfully so. Not a minute in this film is eye worthy but quite literally all of it is cringe-worthy and it is intolerable even for Ed Wood. There are unnecessary jokes put in for no reason but that’s fine because so is the case with the entire film. There are reasons why people sell sleeping tablets because there is no way i can sleep at night after being a part of this laughable unfunny circumstance which insults the very fabric of art. Overall no one in the world should watch this film and certainly should not be allowed to make one.

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