Balakrishnudu movie review: A very good action romance story with great acting

Balakrishnudu movie review: A very good action romance story with great acting
Written by Abhishek Rana

Balakrishnudu is an action romance movie directed by Pavan Mallela, and starring Nara Rohit and Regina Cassandra. It is about a man named Balakrishna aka Balu, who is in love with Aadhay. The trouble begins with a big baddie, who wants something and has a previous history of violence with Balu. The movie is full of action sequences, romantic songs and entertaining dialogue. Balakrishnudu is Pavan Mallela’s debut movie, and it seems that he has learnt every technique about filmmaking, and has shown tremendous confidence in his first outing. Hopefully, he’ll be able to hone his skills better, as there are some scenes that seem necessary and there’s too much villain being angry, which distracts from other, highly efficient scenes between Bala and Aadhay.

Even the actors do their very best in the movies, fully committed as they are for their craft. Nara is evey bit a corageous, witty and strong hero that the audience wants to love, and Regina is his equal, graceful, poised but also fierce and self-possessed.

Their coupling on the screen is an inspired choice, and their chemistry is so undeniable that fans will be waiting for their next collaboration very soon. The movie is also a full on entertainment, with great songs and understated, gorgeous cinematography.


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