Bailaras Punjabi Movie Cast, Review, Release date and Story

Bailaras Punjabi Movie Cast, Review, Release date and Story
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bailaras, directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary and starring Binnu Dhillion and Prachi Tehlan is a love story set in punjab, in the middle of tractor wars and if that synopsis deters you from seeing it, dont worry, because the movie is very well made, and acted and has some genuinenly fun and touching moments that transcend its seemingly dumb premise.

With a Belaras tractor, Jagga (Binnu Dhillion) is an object of jealousy from everyone in his community because he’s been a champion in the tochan competition (a sort of tug of war between tractors) and is only concerned with the well being and maintenance of the tractor. He’s also fed up with his family’s attempt’s to get him married and only wants to be left alone with his tractor.

Enter, the girl (Prachi Tehlan) an actress working on a film in the city and two soon fall in love. And, as you can guess, there are rivalries, dances in rain, heartbreaks and a climatic tochan competition.

Yes, all of this seems rather old fashioned and ridiculous, and to an extent, it is, but it still doesn’t distract from  the charm and the sincerity of the story being told, there isn’t any vulgar item song or cheezy dialouge that makes the audience comfortable, but rather a simple love story that is being told with honesty and craftsmanship.

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