Baahubali mania at its peak nationwide- New poster out

Baahubali mania at its peak nationwide- New poster out

With the release just a couple of days away, Baahubali 2 mania is at its peak. The director along with his cast is touring the nation for the promotions, to make sure they present their film in the best possible manner, a film they have given their blood and sweat to, a film that is at the verge of making history. The crew just made it back from Dubai and are still tirelessly giving innumerable interviews, answering the same set of questions multiple times, but doing so with a smile on their face, because they know they have made something special.

The official twitter handle for Baahubali, the movie unveiled some new stunning posters with Amarendra Baahubali played by Prabhas and Devasena played by Anushka Shetty in their royal avatar. Take a look :

The frenzy surrounding the movie is unbelieveable. Take a look at the scenes in Hyderabad, the city in which the movie was first conceptualized. For them, Baahubali is their own superhero.

  • Some cities have scheduled shows as early as 4 AM in the morning!!
  • Oman has a 12 am midnight show.


  • Want to catch the movie first day first show, the makers have it all sorted for you. Fill in your leave application.

  • The makers of the Baahubali movies have used social media to its full potential, whether it was to create a buzz around the release or with warning fans to not fall prey to fake websites claiming to sell tickets for the movie.

The movie is set to release across 7000 screens in India alone. With so many records broken even prior to its release, it is not difficult to guess what kind of storm the Indian box-office is going to experience.

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