Ayana movie review: Kannada realistic drama portrays start-up problems

Ayana movie review: Kannada realistic drama portrays start-up problems

Ayana Kannada movie is a realistic drama that portrays a journey of software professional Aditya. It is directed by debutant director Gangadhar Salimath who tries to set the topic that often comes across in real life. The director talks about the city’s buzzing startup problems, culture and the situations faced by people. It is entertaining, interesting and the story that showcases a fresh subject differently. The audience may get bored in the second half of the movie as it ends up being too long.

The plot of the movie revolves around a life of Aditya software professional through his relationship that weaves around love, romance, friendship, ambitions, betrayals and his tryst with destiny. The story tries to depict the common problems that faced by many in the real life. And the best part of the movie is that viewers can easily connect it with their own life story. The first half of the movie begins with the protagonist embarking on a solo bike ride, throughout the journey he reminding his life good and bad situation.

As he tries to figure out where he went wrong over the years. It begins with a story of four best buddies who move on with their lives with marriage and other projects. However, the protagonist wants something different from his life, though he falls in love and gets married to the girl of his choice, his aspiration to head start-up. Later he embarks on this dream but reality has other things in the place for him personally and professionally.

Overall, the movie talks about the darker side of the startups and the problem that faced by the most ambitious youngsters. It showcased the story of IT generation. The movie stretched off with many songs and the climax, otherwise, it is kind of real story.

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