Avengers Infinity War trailer is out now and it is practically unbelievable

Avengers Infinity War trailer is out now and it is practically unbelievable

Trailer of the most awaited film of all time by the name of Avengers: Infinity War is finally released 3 months after the extended official teaser trailer and it is cinematic insanity. Nothing like that has ever been put on celluloid before with such extreme number of fancy superheroes in one film together on the path of summarizing ten years of Marvel cinematic universe so far which started with Iron Man in 2008 and Downey Junior is still holding the mantle though Steve Rogers might just be the fan favorite after this.

Russo brothers (directors) have adapted this fancy to showcase Captain America at his extended powerful in every film as he was able to hold an entire helicopter in Civil War and now he practically resisted the hand of most powerful being in the universe. Thanos with a bunch of infinity stones goes out to crush the skull of Captain America but the dude uses all his might and stops because that ain’t happening today son. Star Lord is yanking Tony’s chain but telling him that his plan is worth no salt to which Tony just exclaims and these are the moments that have made this superhero franchise so maniacal.

At the end of it they have proved yet nobody whatsoever wants to believe that Doctor Strange could be a real name and neither does Peter Parker. He has been given incredible importance considering he has barely joined the universe because he might just be the most important superhero in upcoming phases of Marvel when the oldies won’t show up no more. Avengers will be one day led by Spider Man and they are just setting it up in advance. Trailer still has not revealed the gigantic actions sequences this one is going to have but it’s for the better only. Get on board the hype train as it releases in cinemas worldwide on 27 April.

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