Avengers Infinity War teaser manages to succumb a universe in a few seconds

Avengers Infinity War teaser manages to succumb a universe in a few seconds
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Any fanboy would have a hard time believing that two Sherlocks ( Robert Downey Junior and Benedict Cumberbatch) would some day fight together as superheroes to save the earth. Only Disney and Marvel could pull up a teaser this fantastic into the play of super bowl. One of the many unique things about this teaser is that Captain America could be seen with a very different kind of shield in hand which might be Black Panther’s Wakandan weapon of some kind that eh has given to Cap.

Cap America quit his shield in the events ending Civil war between him and Tony Stark because it was made by his father Howard Stark and vowed to never pick it up again but Panther said in the first trailer of Infinity war that he is giving Cap a shield. Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy are fighting inter-galactic battle while Doctor Strange and Iron Man are trying to stop the mean aliens to come and land on the earth while their shot together when Strange is working his magic and Iron Man flies off from his behind is the stuff made of dreams.

Marvel world sort of conflicted themselves when in Ragnarok it was mentioned that if Bruce Banner becomes Hulk he will never be able to go back into his human shape again but in Infinity War one clearly see Mark Ruffalo looking very dapper. Guess Hulk was able to become Bruce again, the teaser also focused on Spider Man and his cnstant struggle to stand against an enemy he can’t possibly think of defeating all by himself but he grew up a lot in terms of his experience in the last act of Spiderman Homecoming when he refused to live in the avengers facility and went back to being the friendly neighbourhood Spider Man again.

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