Avengers Infinity War movie review (without spoilers): Sheer magic on celluloid, greatest show of spectacle.

Avengers Infinity War movie review (without spoilers): Sheer magic on celluloid, greatest show of spectacle.
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

One of the most anticipated film in the history of world cinema which goes by the name of ‘Avengers Infinity War’ released today. It is a defining moment for fandom in this phenomenon called cinema because people have been almost literally holding their breathes for this. Marvel cinematic universe started in 2008 with Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man and 10 years of lead up to this spectacle. Entire marvel cinematic universe and billions of investment finally showed up in all it’s glory. It is certainly one of the best film ever made in the history of superhero epics with millions of goosebumps moment.

They have got the best of Captain America in this film at the paramount of his power against Thanos. Spectacle around this visual imagery is extraordinary and nothing that is ever put on screen. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo really created a very well crafted screenplay to accommodate this many heroes with their individual moments in one regular sized film. It was a nerd gasm when both the Sherlocks played by Downey Junior and Benedict Cumberbatch showed up together to fight the enemies out of earth.

Capabilities of every one of them is tested and Guardians come as a comic relief to burst viewers with marvel humor moments. Technology in Wakanda is a little more advance to suit the larger than life stature of king Black Panther. Falcon, Winter soldier and Scarlett Witch were of great supports to the actual superheroes. Bruce Banner tried his hardest to not convert into green rage monster but fate has it’s own role to play. It will be very difficult to talk about Hawk Eye without giving spoilers hence we shall leave the warrior come into light on his own. Overall it is a celebration of cinema for millions around the world who will be getting their eyes wet at the end of it.

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