AR Rahman will release the music of ‘Beyond The Clouds’ starring Ishaan Khatter will release on this date

AR Rahman will release the music of ‘Beyond The Clouds’ starring Ishaan Khatter will release on this date
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

AR Rahman took to micro blogging website and shared the news that music of ‘beyond The Clouds’ will arrive on the internet after a long wait. Release date of the film is only 20 days away from now and the music has not released yet, not even a single track. Makers have come out with two full fledged trailer that depicts the narrative in the best possible way but in Indian films music is a very important tool to make the hype for a film especially if it’s composed by Mozart of Madras.

Rahman has mentioned in his past interviews that he really cherishes he opportunity o work with a cinematic legend like Majid Majidi who is making his first Hindi film. Majidi has been nominated for oscars and is considered one of the best film makers in the history of this world since cinema began. There won’t be as many lyrical songs in the album in comparison to the instrumental themes because such is the nature of this film as it revolves around in a very realistic zone and won’t have any regular Hindi film music set pieces.

Art of Majidi is to incorporate the music into narrative which would amplify the feeling of it instead of letting the music describe the mood. Majidi does not believe in spoon feeding the narrative from the music or using lip sync because he operates in Iranian cinema and their culture narrative is very different from India. Majidi is a brilliant storyteller which is why he adapted an India based story in his narrative instead of making a Iranian film in India because he could do it there anyways. He did not come to India to find a career in this industry but he had a story to tell in him which was about India so he tied up the links with people in here and started to showcase the story.

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