Anushka Shetty’s ‘Bhaagamathie’ breaks into $1Million club in USA

Anushka Shetty’s ‘Bhaagamathie’ breaks into alt=

Anushka Shetty starrer Horror/thriller Bhaagamathie is doing exceptionally well in business in India and internationally as well. Bhaagamathie has entered into coveted $1Million group which is made up of Telugu films who have done incredibly well business in USA only. Bhaagamathie is highlighted by Anushka Sharma and for a female star to pull in that kind of business is something never seen before. Bhaagamathie has received universal acclaim from the audience of all diasporas and strata of society which is rare considering this film is hardcore Telugu in it’s language of storytelling.

Anushka Sharma is the main attraction for the film as far as star pull in relation to the audience is concerned so no wonder why makers of the film waited three years for Anushka Shetty to come and play the part. Anushka’s stardom went a hundred folds when she did one of the primary characters in Baahubali films for which the world applauded here and her intensity on screen was unmatchable to anything that has been done before. Anushka has brought similar kind of intensity in this role as well.

Her performance and dialogue delivery is quite massy by default which helps with the Tamil and Telugu audience in general. Screenplay of the film is quite fantastic and many shades of Anushka bring an unparallel strength to an already good script. Bhaagamathie has decent number of followers still going for the film in it’s second week and the film has about 4 more days till new films release on the upcoming Friday. Despite of the fact that Anushka’s role was the spine of Baahubali second part, Prabhas got most of the credit for playing the titular role in the franchise but a film like Bhaagamathie truly proves the strength of her acting capabilities and also how futile she is in her career which would highly affect her future film choices.

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