Anushka Sharma starrer ‘Pari’ to be remade in Tamil cinema

Anushka Sharma starrer ‘Pari’ to be remade in Tamil cinema
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Anushka Sharma has recently delivered a cult horror film by the name of ‘Pari’ which did decent business on the box office to be a profitable venture. Anushka produced this film under her banner by the name of ‘Clean Slate’ and also played the lead role in the film. According to the reports a leading production house of the film are going to remake this in Tamil with a leading actress. Plans to execute the Tamil version has not been revealed or officially announced yet but making of it is certain.

Pari is a medium budget content driven film which broke all the norms of the horror films that are per-conceived worldwide and made people fall in love with the ghost instead of getting scared. More than a horror film it was about a sow burning relationship between two misfits of the society who are trying to create their paradise in hell instead one of them is a demon. Anushka’s character in the film brings the worst out of the humanity by being good to somebody. It shows how human beings always try to control something out of fear before even understanding.

Anushka fell in love with a man despite of being a demon child by controlling the worst of her and not killing him. Instead that many did not realize what she actually is and made his plans of getting her killed but she did not stop loving him. Being a demon, she was more human than anyone of us. To the last frame of the film she had to by pass the saddest side of her and emerge as a lover who has been nothing but kind to that man. She practically gave him her child and went alone to die in such a situation where she know that she could not be saved.

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