Annadurai movie review: An intense action thriller

Annadurai movie review: An intense action thriller
Written by Abhishek Rana

Annadurai is an action movie directed by G. Srinivasan. It stars Vijay Anthony and Diania Champika in leading roles. The movie is very serious and indeed immensely intense, it doesn’t have much jokes or charm, but as it transverses the members of a family and all the complicated relationships, it overcomes its inherent darkness with something more potent. There’s a strain of sibling rivalry in the movie, and it is bouyed by Anthony’s dual performance, which will be a very nice contrast to his acting style in throughout the duration. It understands, that even though some characters or people might seem antagonistic or evil to some, they still have numerous layers that other people can’t or don’t want to see.

G. Srinivasan’s directions is very admirable, and he maintains the tone of the movie very carefully, never letting it slip back to being a chore to sit through. The movie is very entertaining.

Diania, who plays Anthony’s pair in the movie is able to transcend her role and becomes a  very integral part of the story that never seems to be just there because the Hero is supposed to have a love interest. Anthony also does an admirable job of editing the movie too. Because the contributions of everyone involved, this should be must see for everyone seeking serious but entertaining cinema.

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