Annabelle Creation movie review : Devil doll delivers the best of Conjuring universe

Annabelle Creation movie review : Devil doll delivers the best of Conjuring universe
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Annabelle Creation is the latest addition into the Conjuring universe. This film serves as a prequel and becomes the very first film of Conjuring Universe. As we saw in Conjuring that Annabelle is kept safely in the museum of Ed and Lorraine Warren while this film sets at least the decade before the events of Annabelle (2014 release). The Conjuring universe is solely responsible to put some light or dark (as they say) in the horror genre which was considered dead at the time. When no big director wanted to get his hands dirty with horror genre, James Wan took the mantel and delivered The Conjuring 1 and 2. 

In Annabelle creation Wan serves as the producer and the baton of direction was given to David Sandberg. Sandberg has made one of the horror breakout films of last year known as Lights Out. Lights Out was received very well by the audience despite of its humble budget as Sandberg managed to get in scares with practical effects and camera angles. In Annabelle Creation Sandberg was given a budget and the biggest horror franchise to deal with. With the progression of the story it is seen that Annabelle was a human child who was killed in a fatal road accident and post that her parents (Samuel and Esther Mullins) used black magic to speak to her. After speaking to the parents their dead daughter asked them the permission to stay inside the doll and since then it became the worst supernatural curse in the history of human kind.

Sandberg manages to give a horror film which is well for its time and beyond. The Conjuring universe is already developing 2 sequels and a Nun spin-off to make sure that the scares don’t go light. Maybe if the fans are that lucky all the ghosts including Annabelle, Bathsheba and Nun will come together to become a challenge for Ed and Lorraine Warren. Annabelle Creation releases on 11 August 2017.

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