Andava Kaanom to release on April 13

Andava Kaanom to release on April 13

Andava Kaanom starring Shreya Reddy has been waiting in the wings for a long time to get a release and finally on April 13 it will hit the dark of cinema theaters. This is Shreya Reddy’s comeback film who has been missing from the silver screen for a while now and will be acting with some actual villagers in this film. Film primarily stars Shreya Reddy, Vinod Munna and Naveena. Andava Kaanom is written and directed by C. Velmathi and edited by Sathyaraj Natrajan while P.V Shankar serves as the cinematographer of the film.

Genre of the film is essentially basically comedy with which Tamil cinema has gotten aware only recently and films for that kind are being done by big stars like Vijay Sethupathi. Sheer intention of the film defines the new age spirit of evolution in terms of narrative which is happening in Tamil cinema for last 3 years when the directors and writers with their individualistic fresh voice of reasoning came along and actors trusted them enough to risk their stability of image gathered in years to go and out and do films which are not mainstream.

These off genre films are doing tremendous business in Tamil cinema in terms of return of investment because audience is smart enough to decide for themselves if they want to see more of newer narrative and content or same old stars working the formula which has been around since the time of MGR and still exploiting it to the core while new age film makers are inspired by the best of world cinema and developing or trying to develop stories and patterns through characters which are basically extraordinary and designed in a way that every time an audience ember walks out of the theater he should be amazed by what just happened instead of getting sick with the same old boring narratives.

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