Ammammagarillu movie review: A complete entertaining package

Ammammagarillu movie review: A complete entertaining package

Ammammagarillu, directed by  Sundar Surya and starring, Naga Shaurya, Shamili, Sumitra, Sivaji Raja, Ravi Prakash, Sudha, Hema, Shakalaka Shankar among others is the kind of family entertainment that people want, but hardly get. It has interesting characters, played with conviction by actors who understand their roles. There is no hurry to steal the show among any of the actors, and because the cast is so attuned to the tones of the movie, it is successful in delivering everything a general cinema goer wants. The story is about a man going back to his Grandmother’s home, and meeting the extended family, which sets the plot into motion.

Quirky interactions with the family members, a budding love story, the movie provides every pleasure of a good entertainment, but isn’t confined to pleasing the audiences. In the end, people are going to take the characters to their homes because they’re so relatable and feel so real. Even the smallest parts are written in a way that shows the makers did their research about how a family behaves and how it changes people. Naga Shaurya is very nice in his role, and special mention should also be given to, Sumithra, who plays his grandmother.

Sundar has made a beautiful movie, one, which is also technically accomplished. The cinematography by Award-winning cinematographer Rasool Ellore is gorgeous, but never demands attention to itself, it exists to highlight the beauty of the places that these people live in. The movie is a must watch for people who love family dramas’ with some very fine storytelling and acting.

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