Amma I love you movie review: Emotionally wrenching drama

Amma I love you movie review: Emotionally wrenching drama
Written by Abhishek Rana

Amma I love you, directed by KM Chaitanya and starring Chiranjeevi Sarja, Nishvika Naidu, Sithara, and Chikkanna is a heartfelt and emotional drama that is going to make every one in the audiences teary eyed once the credits starts to roll. The movie is a tribute to the love and sacrifice of a mother, to her family and most of all to her beloved children. It tells how much she has to give in order to make the lives of others better, and in return never gets much more than a few scowls and bitterness once the children grow up. The movie is different from other drama’s because it clearly, and sympathatically explores every bit of detail of motherhood, and in it, the characters become more human to us rather than just actors who are reading their lines.

The movie has many moments of beauty and powerful emotion, which never slides into melodrama and cheap tactics to gain the sympathy of the audiences. It also never seems that the movie is deliberately making everything sad for its characters. Everything is organic and natural, which is echoed in the nuanced acting of the performers. It is very easy to be melodramatic in intense and emotional scenes just to show off your acting skills, but only good performers know that even understatement can lead to much more powerful impact.

There are no heavy plot twists in the movie, neither is there any moments that might feel as if the plot is dictating the story. It is only with characters that we feel, the movie is proceeding and it is them that make the journey so powerful and emotional rather than tedious. Watch the movie if you want to see a good drama without the overt trappings of the genre.

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