Amish Tripathi praises Padmaavat, says it honors Rani Padmavati

Amish Tripathi praises Padmaavat, says it honors Rani Padmavati
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Prolific author of Shiva trilogy Amish Tripathi took to twitter to share his opinions about Padmaavat as he saw it in a pre-release event. Amish tweeted, ” I Just saw Padmaavat in a pre-release screening. It is a film which celebrates Rajput bravery. It honours Rani Padmavati. And it says positive things about our culture. I think it is one of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s finest films.” Makers of Padmaavat has seen an awful lot of pressure and protest against their film so they could clearly use some words garnished with honey about their apparent masterpiece.

In his tweet Amish was not just trying to say that Padmaavat is a well made film but he did not seize to mention that the warfare and backlash film is facing is for no reason as it depicts the culture in bright light and does not sabotage the reputation of any queen or ethics whatsoever. Sanjay bhansali is a sensitive film maker and he has made films in almost all the major Indian cultures but never has he been disrespectful of them for no reason instead he represents it beautifully on screen. Shree Rajput Karni Sena went berserk on the film and his life as they still are trying to ban the film completely.

There must have been many other celebrities present in the pre-release screening but no other has shared their opinions about the film which is never the case with such a big film. Celebrities are invited to these screenings so that they get back home and report their good comments about film and people following them go and watch it, a simple promotional strategy. Amish did not mince words and this is the only positive word that has come out in context of this film other than the release announcement. Padmaavat is the first Indian film to be showcased in IMAX 3D format and it releases on 25 January.

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