Amar Aponjon: In Nearby Theater Now!

Amar Aponjon: In Nearby Theater Now!

Raja Chanda brings you a new romance drama film starring Soham Chakraborty and Priyanka Sarkar. The story line of the movie revolves around a man who is out on a journey to invite his close friends in his wedding. The journey takes drives him through the different phases of his life. He first meets his teenage love of his school time after that, he meets the girl he madly been head over the heels in love during his college and at the end of his journey he get to meet the close friend who helped him in his career. All these phases take him to flash back of how he started his journey of life and how he has reached so far. You can the movie is about neighborhood guy who get time to re live his memories of three love stories in the flash back and discover how he worked on recovering from the solitude and pain he gone through those different phases.

The film is remake of Tamil hit ‘Autograph’, produced Soham Chakraborty who is playing the lead in the movie. Other than Soham Chakraborty and Priyanka Sarkar, you will find Oendrita, and Subhosree in this film. All these phases take him to flash back of how he started his journey of life and how he has reached so far. Priyanka Sarkar is in role as Soham Chakraborty school-day crush, Aindrita Ray as his college-life lover and Subhashree Ganguly as his emotional anchor in professional life. Soham gets ditched in love and decide to involve his life around by surrounding himself with positive people.

Soham Chakraborty is also working as a debuted producer in this film with jointly producing the film with Ravi Keswani, under Ajosro Entertainment. The release date of the film is 26 May 2017 On Indian Silver screens.

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