Allu Aravind thrashes Ram Gopal Varma for instigating controversy against Pawan Kalyan

Allu Aravind thrashes Ram Gopal Varma for instigating controversy against Pawan Kalyan

Producer Allu Aravind attended a media conference where he thrashed Ram Gopal Varma. Ram himself admitted that he provoked Sri Reddy to speak against Pawan Kalyan in the media. Attention seeking capabilities of Ram are incredible otherwise what kind of a person would reveal his own plot and try to break up the film industry he works in. Allu came crashing down on Ram about this and how his deeds are so incredibly unethical. If Ram used all this energy in actually making films instead of grabbing headlines for wrong reasons than he might get 1900 oscars in a row.

Someone like Pawan Kalyan is a huge star and chooses to be unaffected from people like Varma who can’t even have stance in life but someone had to tell him about his rather cowardly deeds and Allu decided to. Ram has been making films for more than two decades and started his career in Telugu film industry only but after gaining something of a success he decided to tear down such a prestigious member of his own film industry for absolutely no reason and perhaps to get some kind of sadistic pleasure out of it.

Pawan Kalyan has never really said wrong things about Varma in public perhaps because he could not care less about Varma and his adventures. Most of the industry is against him for doing such a thing against someone as respected like Kalyan in Telugu film industry who also plans to join in politics for the welfare of the people but now he will have to first combat such baseless blames instigated by Varma only or 2 minutes of media amusement. It’s like Ram wanted to be a film maker so that later he can do nothing and spread his unkind words to the world as nobody is asking for it.


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