Alita: Battle Angel dropped another trailer with new thrill

Alita: Battle Angel dropped another trailer with new thrill
Written by Karu Cheema

Followed by the first look, Alita :Battle Angel introduced another clip for the audience . The new trailer takes you further inside the plot, unveiling the some action from inside the film. Rosa Salazar baffling look have increased  the curiosity  among the audience. In the second clip you will witness some action playing back ground story of robotic hero Alita. As Alita wakes up to no memory, when Ido (Christoph Waltz) a doctor revives her but his compassion towards her makes him help her to navigate her past and new life. As doctor believes that behind this cybernetic organism, there is soul of a woman with some great potential and remarkable past story.

As Alita starts her new life in iron city some corrupt forces comes after her, which brings some question to her mysterious past. So Doctor Ido and her new friend Hugo (Keean Johnson) helps her to trigger her memories while trying to protect her from corrupt forces. As they begin to open her past, she discovers her unique abilities to fight against all the odds but other forces who are currently in power doesn’t want her to be alive. These forces who are not happy with her revival begins the war. This film is produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau, who shown their magic on screens with movies like Avatar and Titanic. Once again they brings you a magical adventure of hope and empowerment.

Alita: battle angel is inspired by Yukito Krishiro’s Battle Angel which is also known as Gunnm, a manga series from late 90’s. James Cameron been in love with this series and made his efforts to bring this on screen by adding his own magic. This movie is going to be first version to bring live actors from this comic series. The release date announced for this film is 21st December 2018. The Alita: battle angel movie will be in high competition with movies like Aquaman and Bumblebee this fall season.

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