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Akshara Haasan Rumours Over Conversion To Buddhism

Akshara Haasan Rumours Over Conversion To Buddhism
Written by Aiman

Akshara Haasan Rumours Over Conversion To Buddhism. As there has always been a celebrity interest in the tenets of Buddhism, with various references to its basic principle of peace and harmony within man, and with man and nature. While it has been chique for Hollywood celebrities like Richard Gere to embrace the values of Eastern philosophy embodied in the religion of Gautam Buddha, the trend has seemingly come home to the land of the Buddha. Legendary actor and movie maker Kamal Haasan’s daughter Akshara Haasan is rumoured to be considering or having already converted to Buddhism after she expressed such sentiments to a newspaper, with people close to her citing her long standing faith in its basic premise.

The speculation has generated quite a lot of interest in her legions of fans. The buzz certainly got to the father-daughter duo, with 62-year old Kamal Haasan first tweeting, “Hi. Akshu. Have you changed your religion? Love you, even if you have. Love, unlike religion, is unconditional. Enjoy life. Love- Your Bapu.” To this, Akshara’s reply was equally endearing “Hi bapuji. No, still an atheist. Although I agree with Buddhism as it is a way of life and in an individual’s way of life. Love from your daughter akshu.”

Akshara, the younger sister to actress Shruti Haasan, is an actor and an assistant director and is currently busy with the promotion of her Kollywood debut movie Vivegam that has been directed by Ajith Kumar. Akshara worked with Rahul Dholakia as an AD in Mumbai before this. Kamal Haasan is currently involved in the Tamil Big Boss as the Big Boss of the house himself.

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