Aksar 2 trailer review : Zareen Khan strips clothes instead of acting again!

Aksar 2 trailer review : Zareen Khan strips clothes instead of acting again!

Trailer of Aksar 2 is out now and it is soft porn all over again. Aksar is a 2006 film starring Emraan Hashmi and Udita Goswami, which was a story of love and betrayal. No one from that film is proud of the effort and Emraan has come a long way from there to not do Aksar 2. Zareen Khan has been in some really awkard films like Hate Story 3 where she did not do any acting and just shed clothes for a living. Trailer of Aksar 2 resembles every other B-grade film which has a selling point called sex. The way they have constructed the trailer is to show the random soft porn shots first then moving on to the story part of it.

Forget what the story is because it is terrible and rather focus on semi-nude body shots that won’t arouse anyone. The primary star-cast of the film is abs, muscles, and loungeries. It has so many shots of people making love to one another in a fake way that one can’t remember a dialogue from it. There is only shot in the film where Zareen has to be expressive with her acting and that sets the tone for how terrible that film is going to be. People make mistakes and they learn from it, Ananth Mahadevan does not.

Mahadevan directed Aksar and Aksar 2 as well, it really gets difficult to understand the goal they are trying to achieve from these films. The best chances for this film to run is government really blocks all the porn and theater owners don’t mind some clean-up. Aksar 2 has a pathetic trailer and it will be controversial to say if anyone is waiting for the film.

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